Tough & Long-lasting Solutions 

There is an increasing pressure on environmental friendlier formulations in combination with higher performance requirements. Our technologies offer a combination of the two. 

In industrial coating applications like concrete flooring and direct-to-metal constructions, protective and long-lasting properties such as excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties are required under sometimes tough conditions. 

Maxemul 9107 is a versatile surfactant that is specifically developed to formulate high performing oil-in-water epoxy emulsions allowing for VOC reduction or elimination.

Click here to download epoxy coatings formulations with Maxemul 9107 versatile emulsifier for:

  • Liquid epoxy oil-in-water emulsion
  • Liquid/solid epoxy resin blend oil-in-water emulsion  
  • Solid epoxy oil-in-water emulsion
Another challenge for epoxy formulators is to combine flexibility and hardness without negatively impacting other desired properties. 

Our B-Tough C reactive epoxy functional toughening agents help you to formulate no stress and if required also VOC free epoxy coatings with enhanced flexibility while hardness is maintained. This so-called impact and crack resistance extends the end-product lifetime hence reduces maintenance costs and out of service time. 

Click here to read more on our B-Tough C reactive epoxy toughening concept for heavy-duty coatings.