The VOC Challenge

Our sustainable and smart ingredients for decorative paints meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly water based paint systems which is driven both by legislation and critical consumers.

Multiple smart & durable solutions for decorative paints

Our VOC solutions enable the paint industry to reduce or even eliminate the presence of solvents in wall and trim paints making it a much safer product for painters. Another recent innovation will prevent the growth of mould and algae on wall paints used in humid environments like kitchens or bathrooms. 

Our Maxemul solutions for VOC free paints

Our speciality surfactant technologies allows alkyd and acrylic resin manufacturers to formulate waterborne binders for VOC free paints without compromising on performance.

Maxemul 7000 series polymeric surfactants for waterborne alkyd resins used as external emulsifiers and formulation of VOC free alkyd based coatings with excellent shelf life and superior dry film properties.

Click here to download starting paint formulations with Maxemul 7000 series surfactants for:

  • Low to zero VOC high gloss trim paints
  • High PVC flat wall paints

Maxemul 6000 reactive surfactants for use in emulsion polymerisation in latex paints offering improved water and scrub resistance, gloss retention and enhanced dry film properties.

Click here to download starting architectural paint formulations with Maxemul reactive surfactants for:

  • All acrylics latex for architectural paints
  • Styrene acrylic core shell latex
  • Veocryl latex for primers, varnishes and stains

Our LoVOCoat solutions for low VOC paints

LoVOCoat easy-to-use polymeric surfactants help you meet the growing demand for low VOC, high performance decorative paints. LoVOCoat allows for the use of water as a liquid filler for the formulation of low VOC solvent borne trim paints, varnishes and stains. The water reduces the VOC level and formulation costs without affecting drying properties compared to conventional and high VOC benchmarks.

LoVOCoat Sol one component system is specifically designed for hot and humid climates offering excellent tropical storage stability.