The coatings market is facing increased pressure from legislation to reduce VOCs in paint formulations, to reduce manufacturing related emissions and to meet more stringent can labeling. At the same time consumers are driving the need for more sustainable coating solutions. 

Safer, Brighter and Longer-lasting Coatings & Paints

Some of our solutions enable the paint industry to reduce or even eliminate the presence of solvents in wall and trim paints making it a much safer product for painters. In transparent coatings used on wooden flooring or furniture our Priplast XL 101 polyol offers protection against scratches and stains but still ensures a natural look. 

Our novel AntiMicrobial technology MyCroFence will prevent the growth of mould and algae on wall paints used in humid environments like kitchens or bathrooms.

Our products can be used in many coating applications such as in food contact coatings applied on cans where we offer enhanced gloss. Heavy-duty coatings is another application where our products can reduce or eliminate VOCs and offer excellent hardness to protect the surface against the elements.

Our speciality ingredients meet the trend towards more environmentally friendly coatings systems based on water such as water-based epoxies, alkyds and polyurethane dispersions. The range consists of bio-based building blocks, functional ingredients and surfactants offering differentiated and advanced benefits such as: 

  • Excellent moisture protection
  • Right balance of flexibility and hardness
  • Enhanced film properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Improved environmental profile