Adhesives and sealants are used in just about every product you can imagine. The need for lightweight design, use of multi-materials and curved designs is driving the need for high performance adhesives in the electronics, construction, transportation and packaging end markets.

Opening up new opportunities

We offer adhesive manufacturers durable solutions to meet these needs hence offer bio-based building blocks, surfactants and functional ingredients for a wide variety of adhesives such as:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polyamide
  • Polyester
  • Epoxy 
  • Polyacrylate and vinyl acetate 
These can be applied in hot melt, (liquid) reactive, water based and solvent based adhesives.

Our sustainable products offer the unique combination of durability and enhanced adhesion strength to many substrates which opens up new opportunities. Our brands Priplast, Priamine and B-Tough are therefore ideal for use in for example high-tech sporting goods, new energy systems, transportation, electronics and design furniture.

In skin contact adhesives such as medical tape, our mild ingredients minimise skin irritation. Our non-ionic Span, Tween and Brij emulsifiers and lanolin products are well suited.

For adhesives used in food contact applications such as packaging for microwave meals we offer food contact approved products to ensure that the adhesive resists moisture under high temperature conditions and prevents the bond line from shrinking. 

Free flowing adhesives processing is provided by our Crodamide anti-tack and anti-blocking additives. They prevent unwanted adhesion during storage, transport and processing.