The elastomers industry needs to excel the performance of the most demanding polyurethanes under the most severe conditions. Therefore we have developed Priplast XL 101 and Priplast XL 102, a new generation polyols which unlike commonly used polycarbonate diols do not affect the flexibility of the polyurethane. 

Balancing excellent strength with high flexibility

Priplast XL 101 and Priplast XL 102 bring a unique balance between flexibility and excellent strength while giving higher elastomer hardness. In addition this range provides benefits such as: 

  • Exceptional UV, thermal and colour stability
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

The combination of these properties makes these polyols the preferred choice for use in the most demanding application areas like automotive, sealants, medical and sports equipment.

Stability under extreme conditions

Extreme conditions ask for excellent thermo-oxidative and hydrolysis resistance and Priplast XL polyols meet these standards. In addition, Priplast XL 101 and Priplast XL 102 outclass polycarbonate diols on chemical resistance with exceptional results for methanol and petrol. This makes Priplast XL a new generation of polyols with excellent and unique versatile high performance benefits for advanced elastomer applications.