The adhesives industry seeks new ways to enhance performance, make end products more durable and with a reduced environmental footprint. As a solution, we have developed Priplast XL 101 and Priplast XL 102, a new generation polyols and extension to the established Priplast range. 

Excellent strength combined with high elongation 

Priplast XL 101 and Priplast XL 102 polyols excel the performance of polyurethane adhesives in demanding applications where polycarbonate diols are commonly used. This range provides a unique combination of excellent strength with high elongation for stronger polyurethane adhesives that are not brittle.

Easy to apply adhesives 

The flexibility of the Priplast XL polyols results in low adhesive viscosity, allowing for easier application of the adhesives. Where polycarbonate diols offer poor processing flow these Priplast polyols offer much easier spreading and application of the polyurethane adhesive.

Exceptional weather stability 

Adhesives have to pass the most extreme conditions to offer longevity to products in demanding applications such as transportation, electronics and sporting goods. The Priplast XL range offers exceptional weather stability over the polycarbonate diol and conventional polyols so are ideal for use in the most extreme long-lasting application areas.