The coatings and polymers market is constantly seeking for innovations that further improve the performance of high-end polyurethane coatings. With Priplast XL 101 we extend our established range of Priplast bio-based building blocks with a new generation polyol that equals and in some cases even outperforms the commonly used polycarbonate diol in the most challenging applications.

Balancing strength, surface hardness and flexibility

Priplast XL 101 offers a unique balance between excellent strength and good surface hardness with high flexibility and also offers additional durability benefits such as: 

  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Extreme moisture barrier protection properties
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

Exceptional stain resistance 

Heavy duty coatings have to withstand the most severe conditions and offer a long product lifetime. Priplast XL brings excellent stain resistance to a wide variety of substances like hot coffee, red wine, lipstick and water. It outperforms the polycarbonate diol and conventional polyols and makes our life easier as complex surfaces can now be protected and perfected. Scratches on wooden flooring caused by high heels or kids playing with their toys, stains by spilling red wine, coffee or water are now history.

Excellent durability

Priplast XL has the same hydrophobic nature as the established Priplast polyol range. Therefore this new generation polyol also offers excellent moisture barrier properties and is ideal for durable use in indoor and outdoor applications such as heavy duty wood coatings, sportswear and lightweight transportation.