Surfactants are an essential ingredient, controlling particle size and latex stability during production, storage, application of the latex and finally during drying of the polymer. Conventional surfactants negatively affect dry film properties which increases moisture sensitivity, negatively affecting adhesion, blocking resistance and appearance of the dry film. 

Taking your coatings & paints to the next performance level

Maxemul reactive surfactants are designed for use in emulsion polymerisation. Our reactive (non-migratory) surfactants are effective emulsifiers during the latex synthesis and are capable of copolymerising with unsaturated monomers. 

The Maxemul 6000 series can be used for all acrylics, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate co-polymers and bring your paint formulations benefits such as:

  • Improved scrub resistance and superior colloidal stability
  • Increased water, stain, blocking and salt spray resistance
  • Better adhesion and excellent gloss retention
  • Less water uptake - better substrate protection

Here are a few starting formulations based on our reactive surfactants technology.