VOC reduction in decorative paints remains a challenge for formulators globally, to develop paints that are more environmentally acceptable and preferably at lower cost. We have developed a technology that provides an easy solution to these issues without compromising on performance or cost!

Formulating low VOC alkyd based coatings with LoVOCoat polymeric surfactants

LoVOCoat surfactants do not diffuse to the surface but remain within the paint. So the generally recognised negative effects associated with conventional surfactants are completely avoided.

With LoVOCoat Form 100 and LoVOCoat Stable 100 polymeric surfactants, water can be used as liquid filler in solvent borne paint formulations. Over 30% water can be incorporated into solvent borne alkyd paint formulations as a water-in-oil emulsion for partial hydrocarbon replacement. The water reduces the VOC level and formulation costs without affecting dry film properties. 

LoVOCoat Sol 500 is specifically designed for hot and humid climates offering excellent tropical storage stability and is available in an easy to use one component, high concentration liquid form. It is a cost effective solution which enables formulators to maintain the high quality properties of traditional solvent based alkyd paints.