B-Tough C - A Game Changer in Epoxy Coatings 

Epoxy resins are applied in heavy-duty indoor and outdoor coatings as they bring good adhesion to many substrates, excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance. 

It is a known challenge for epoxy formulators to combine flexibility and hardness without negatively impacting any other desired properties. Our innovative B-Tough C technology is designed to overcome this challenge. 

B-Tough C is a range of reactive epoxy functional toughening ingredients that allows for the formulation of epoxy systems with enhanced flexibility whilst maintaining hardness.

B-Tough C2r is a VOC free epoxy functional toughening ingredient and brings: 

  • Improved flexibility whilst maintaining hardness 
  • Excellent impact and crack resistance preventing surface marring for optimal protection 
  • Liquid - easy to formulate

B-Tough A - Tough Enough For High Performance Structural Adhesives

Are you looking for performance improvements of your epoxy formulations which are hard and strong but not brittle?

B-Tough A reactive epoxy functionalised toughening ingredients outperform a traditional CTBN modifier as they offer:

  • Excellent impact and shock resistance
  • Strong adhesion 
  • High impact strength
  • Even distribution throughout the adhesive, ensuring a long term effect