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Croda Coatings & Polymers

Engineering plastics

Croda presents innovative bio-based building blocks for high performance engineering plastics such as polyamide, polyester and polycarbonate.

The engineering plastics market is demanding high performance and sustainable solutions. Croda offers high purity products from renewable resources that bring the following benefits to our customer’s end products:

  • increased flexibility
  • improved flow properties and substrate wetting
  • enhanced hydrophobicity
  • excellent resistance to heat, oxidation, UV, hydrolysis and chemicals
  • renewability

Bio-based building blocks

Croda recommends the use of Pripol, Priplast and Priamine as co-monomer to modify high performance engineering plastic applications and bring special features.

Pripol dimer acid or dimer diol and Priamine dimer diamine bio-based building block for the modification of engineering plastics to enhance flexibility, flow properties and hydrophobicity.

Priplast polyester polyols for the modification of engineering plastics that will improve the impact strength amongst other properties.

The product range that we present has proven success in the automotive, electronics and construction application areas.

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