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Croda Coatings & Polymers

Graphics arts & inks

We serve resin, printing ink and pigment concentrate manufacturers to develop innovative solvent borne, waterborne and UV curable resins. Our products are designed to develop higher performing, sustainable and cost effective solutions for the dynamic packaging and printing industry.

Croda offers bio-based building blocks, alkoxylated polyol for UV curing monomers, slip agents, pigment carrier liquids and speciality surfactants.

Bio-based building blocks

Croda’s selection of bio-based building blocks to the graphic arts & inks market provide the following benefits:
  • excellent adherence to several substrates
  • good resistance
  • high brightness and good pigment wetting
  • bio-based, 100% renewable carbon content
Our well known brands are:

Pripol dimer acid for polyamide ink resins used in the formulation of flexographic and gravure inks for applications such as flexible packaging
Pripol dimer acid and dimer diol can also be used as resin building block (speciality monomers) and modifying agents for polyester and epoxy resins
Pripol F FDA food contact approved dimer acids for polyester and polyamide resins 
Priplast polyester polyols for polyurethane resins 

Alkoxylated polyols for UV curing monomers

The Atlas G polyol building blocks are designed for radiation curing resins.

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