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Priamine – preserving marine & protective coatings from the elements

Croda introduces its latest green innovation Priamine 1071, for marine and protective coatings. Due to its low viscosity, excellent flexibility and chemical resistance this novel dimer diamine, bio-based building block is ideal for in- and exterior coating applications where durability under severe conditions is of great importance.

Priamine is a curing agent for epoxy systems and can be used as main curative and co-hardener. Using Priamine results in longer lifetime because of its excellent sealant and protective properties and improved adhesion to various substrates.

Priamine 1071 performance benefits

  • Low viscosity allowing for high solid, low VOC formulations
  • Hydrophobicity – excellent sealant and protective properties
  • High flexibility for improved impact and crack resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Bio based, 100% renewable carbon content

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A detailed technical article on Priamine 1071 entitled "New green chemistry" is published in PCE magazine.

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