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Croda Coatings and Polymers is continuously developing innovative solutions to meet increasing market demands for environmentally friendly and high performance products. In the "Latest products" section we present a selection of our latest innovative market solutions such as:

  • B-Tough A series an epoxy functionalised toughening additive bringing impact strength and thermal shock resistance in epoxy adhesives 
  • B-Tough C epoxy functional toughening agents preventing in and outdoor epoxy coatings from surface marring for optimal protection
  • LoVOCoat  a range of surfactants for low VOC, high performance solvent borne paints
  • Maxemul 9107 a versatile emulsifier for VOC free epoxy emulsions
  • Maxemul 5000 non-migratory, non-ionic surfactants for emulsion polymerisation provide excellent emulsion stability which allows for better scrub resistance
  • Maxemul 6000 non-migratory, anionic surfactants for emulsion polymerisation couples less water uptake and colloidal stability to provide long lasting colour

Are you interested in our NEW Maxemul 5000 & 6000 FORMULATION GUIDELINES for all acrylics, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate copolymers?

Send your email to and we tell you more on how to formulate with Maxemul non-migratory surfactants.

  • Multiwet multifunctional wetting agents simplifying aqueous coating formulations 
  • Priamine 1071 a novel dimer diamine bridging flexibility and hardness in marine & protective coatings  
  • 100% bio-based Priplast a range of 100% bio-based polyester polyols for high performance coatings and adhesives 
  • Priplast bio-based polyester polyols bringing superior mechanical properties and hardness to PUDs
  • Priplast XL a next generation polyols for PU applications offering excellent performance under severe conditions while enhancing durability to extend the product's life time in adhesives, coatings and elastomers
  • Priplast 1901 a liquid and easy to use bio-based polyester polyol with extremely high elongation for PU adhesives and coatings  
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