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Croda presents Priamine 1071 at Eurocoat 2011, 27 - 29 September, Paris

At the Eurocoat 2011, Croda Coatings & Polymers presents Priamine 1071, the dimer diamine for marine & protective coatings where durability under severe conditions is of great importance.
Priamine has a low viscosity and is a curing agent for epoxy systems. It can be used as main curative and co-hardener in high solid formulations. Using this green solution results in longer lifetime because of its excellent sealant and protective properties and approved adhesion to various substrates.

Priamine 1071 performance benefits:
-  low viscosity to develop high solid low VOC formulations 
-  high flexibility for improved impact resistance 
-  improved moisture & corrosion resistance
- 100% renewable carbon content

Technical presentation on Priamine at Eurocoat Congress

Mr. Stephane Texier, sales manager Croda France, will present a technical paper on Priamine 1071 at the Eurocoat Congress entitled “Bio-based dimer diamines for epoxy resin curing: the next step in technology for high-end coating applications".

Bio-based building blocks & speciality surfactants for smart & green coatings

At Eurocoat Croda will also promote its other bio-based building blocks such as Pripol dimer fatty acids for epoxy coatings and Priplast polyester polyols for high performance polyurethane dispersions.

For the easy and cost efficient formulation of high performing low VOC paints Croda offers LoVOCoat polymeric surfactants. Maxemul polymeric surfactants for alkyd resin emulsification allows for the total elimination of solvents in water borne alkyd based coatings.

Please visit Croda Coatings & Polymers at Eurocoat 2011, stand C53.