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Shaping a natural future in plastics, elastomers & foams

Croda Coatings & Polymers provides sustainable solutions to the engineering plastics and elastomers market through its ranges of Pripol, Priplast and Priamine bio-based building blocks.

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Priplast – 100% renewability for green polyurethanes
Croda recently launched its fully bio-based Priplast polyester polyol building blocks designed for polyurethane applications. This new 100% bio-based Priplast range has been developed to meet the industry trends towards bio-based materials

Priamine 1075 – green going extreme in polyamide plastics and elastomers

Croda has a long history in dimer fatty acid technology in polyamides, offering high purity dimer acid and dimer diol for engineering plastic and elastomer applications.

This has been the basis for the development of a unique diamine: Priamine offers formulation freedom to the polyamide market, enabling new and exciting high-end applications for example in electronics, automotive and sportswear.

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