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Industrial Coatings

Croda offers an extensive product range to resin manufacturers active in application areas such as water-based polyurethane, radiation curing, can & coil and powder coatings.

These technologies are growing platforms as a result of their favourable environmental profile as well as their excellent performance.

Water-based polyurethanes

Water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are a rapidly growing segment due to their technological advances and environmentally friendly profile. However, existing PUD technologies still have some drawbacks such as the hydrolytic stability of the dispersion itself as well as the coatings made thereof and the chemical and UV resistance of the coating.

Priplast is a polyester polyol that enables the market to formulate environmentally friendly, high performance PUDs without compromising on the hydrolytic stability of the dispersion and the chemical and UV resistance of the coatings. Wood varnishes show an excellent grain enhancement, while metal coatings become more corrosion resistant. Plastic coatings show improved adhesion due to the hydrophobic nature of the building blocks used in Priplast.

Radiation curing

Tightening legislation and global environmental concerns are a major drive for the growing UV curable coating market. UV curable coatings are applied in heat-resistance application areas in coatings, inks and adhesives. A major challenge for the industry is shrinkage during curing and good pigmentation.

Croda offers a solution to both challenges with its bio-based building block ranges Pripol  and Priplast.  These products are based on dimer fatty acids and hence offer good flexibility that improves shrinkage behaviour of polyester, epoxy and polyurethane based radiation curing resins. In addition, their chemical structure provides wetting properties that improve pigment wetting.
Croda markets its Atlas G alkoxylated polyols as precursor for radiation curing monomers. The Atlas G range brings about:

  • lower skin irritation index
  • excellent diluting power
  • the possibility to balance the polarity of the formulation

Can & Coil

For metal pre-treatment and metal packaging can & coil are widely used technologies. Key challenges are to formulate coatings that offer good flexibility and are resistance to abrasion during processing. In addition, the can & coil market is facing regulatory and environmental constraints. There is increasing pressure on BPA based epoxy formulations.

Croda’s Pripol dimer acid based polyester is an interesting alternative to these epoxy resins due to its hydrolytic stability and excellent flexibility.

Pripol dimer fatty acid brings:

  • excellent flexibility to the coating
  • good moisture protection and enhances water flash off in water borne formulations,   that reduces processing time and costs
  • FDA approval for polyester resins
  • 100% bio-based
Croda is also offering natural based Corona lanolin derivatives to enhance the surface finish of the coating and to improve gloss and colour. 

Powder coatings

Powder coatings are also an environmentally benign coating system. However, their application consumes a lot of energy during curing due to the high temperature required. Attempts to reduce curing temperature resulted often in poorer flow properties and as such poorer esthetics of the coating. Pripol dimer fatty acids, build into polyester, polyamides and epoxy based powder coatings, can significantly improve flow properties and so allow the formulation of low temperature curing powder coatings.

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